Allure Inc | About Us
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About Us



noun: allure

1. the quality of being powerfully and mysteriously attractive or fascinating

Who we are

At ALLURE you will find the right mix of engineers, techies, gurus, branders and designers. We sprung out of the big corporations world , and decided to bring forward ecommerce best practice, and give the brands a chance to leverage all that technology has to offer.

We have 3 “savoir faire” Ecommerce, CRM, and mobile development,  we invariably stick around for all the deployment and sequel of each projects.

What we think

We get excited in connecting everything from Chinese warehouse to inventory in stores worldwide. We love when loyal customers are never forgotten on their birthday making your sales rise up, we get a kick on conversion rates, and we dream the world in mobile. But above all we are delighted to know that our relationship will last beyond transformation, integration, sometime rebirth, and most definitively success

Where we are going

We have it in us to make you succeed and make you stay, when we spend month on end together we become each other’s best asset. We will debunk technology, make it enjoyable, useful, adaptable and efficient, for your business and your customers, making you stand out and be remarkable.

We are an ingenious team

We have a sharp understanding of what makes ecommerce efficient and profitable. Development, integration, migration, you ask we will deliver, and as always we'll throw in an abundance of friendliness.

We are a creative team

We brand and rebrand, or work with existing guides and creative agencies, we believe in the front and the back, even the CRM gets our attention. We live to embellish the world, with elegance and allure!

Fully Integrated service

From strategy to built, small or large project, one team member or twenty, we live breath and dream in codes and colors. As long as your project are relevant to Ecommerce, CRM, or mobility, you've got your winning team.

Five-star support team

where everybody knows your name! We get on board for the long run, quality control, extended stat analysis, customer support, team training, you will start thinking that you live with us.

Have an idea? We’re here to help you manage your work