Allure Inc | Our Process
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Our Process

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!

Likewise, our agile project development methods are delivered in small bite-sized pieces, deploying focused, incremental *releases* and iterating.







and repeat!


With visual management, our Agile teams have enhance their ability to work effectively by presenting the data in a visual way (rather than in list-form on a spreadsheet). This has made it easier to comprehend the project details and manage changes.

Some of our clients feedback on our Agile management style are:

Visibility of the project details

Increasing team efficiency

Ability to changes (clients favorite!)

Capability to scale

In turn those advantages will influence


The revenue

By the iterative nature of agile development we deliver features incrementally, enabling some benefits to be realized early as the product continues to develop.

The speed to market

Research suggests about 80% of all market leaders were first to market. Additionally to the higher revenue from incremental delivery, our agile development philosophy also supports the notion of early and regular releases, and ‘perpetual beta’.

The quality

As the key principle of our agile development team, we are in continuous testing phase. Quality control is integrated throughout the lifecycle, enabling us to apply regular inspection as we develop. Also allowing you to make adjustments if necessary and raise any quality issues.

Have an idea? We’re here to help you manage your work